Knowledge, Wisdom, Humanity: Portraits From Our Past

This 35 page booklet beautifully highlights the rich history of the University. Each page presents the people, places and events that have defined the University's history and set a course for its future. 

The University was the first and most eminent of the civic universities, furthering the frontiers of knowledge but also contributing to the well-being of its region. The many Nobel Prize winners in the sciences and economics who have worked or studied here are complemented by outstanding achievements in the arts, social sciences, medicine, computing and radio astronomy. 

Our founders forged liberal and progressive values that have allowed us to do things differently: to think freely, challenge social and intellectual boundaries, and make a real difference across the world. The University has long provided a meeting point for ideas from across disciplines. Many of the world's most influential thinkers have been part of our intellectual community, creating an ethos that has resonated through time and across the globe. 

By buying this product, you're helping us care for our past Proceeds from the sale of this product go towards conservation of the University's heritage, research into our history and enabling us to make our past accessible to all. 

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